Frequently Asked Questions

Ballroom dancing consists of both Ballroom and Latin American styles of dance, performed generally with a partner. Ballroom dancing includes the Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep and Vienese, mostly demonstrated with a partner in a closed hold position. Latin American includes the Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Jive and Paso Doble. These dances are a contrast to the Ballroom and performed in both closed and open hold positions. Ballroom dancing is a great way to keep fit and suitable for all ages and abilities. Ballroom dancing can be seen socially at weddings and afternoon tea dances, as well being a highly competitive sport, with competitions running worldwide throughout the year.

No. Ballroom dancing is perfect for all age groups. The origins of Ballroom dance first appeared in the 16th century, meaning, generations before us got to enjoy the same dancing we love today. Ballroom covers a wide range of choreography, allowing all abilities to take to the floor and dance. Social dancing covers very basic steps for all to enjoy, while highly competitive dancers include much more complex routines. The children of today also love to dance, thanks to the huge success of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. It’s really is perfect for all ages.


“You don’t stop dancing when you get old, you get old when you stop dancing”

At Kylie Jones Ballroom we cover one dance each month in the group classes. Each week we work through developing a small routine to suit your level. The dance you may start with will depend on the month you attend. Private tuition, however, is tailored to fit around your chosen dance or your level. If you are completely new to ballroom then we would recommend the social foxtrot as a suitable dance to start with.

Not at Kylie Jones Ballroom. The group classes are open to both singles and couples so no partner is required. We have a wonderful group that attend the classes, both in couples and as individuals. All individuals are partnered up and rotate throughout the session. A great way to dance and keep fit while socialising and meeting new people.

Private lessons can also be booked with or without a partner.

Ballroom is suitable for all fitness levels. Everyone can work within their own abilities, taking necessary breaks when they need to. Dancing is a great way to improve fitness levels, therefore, the perfect way to exercise while learning something new. Certain dances are higher impact than others. For example, the waltz, is much slower and uses less energy than say the jive and quickstep.

This is a very common question. Clothes wise, anything you’re comfortable in, that allows you to move, with a a partner, easily around the floor. For example, tight skirts, would not be suitable as they may restrict your leg movement. With regards to shoes, again, anything you are comfortable wearing and can move easily across the floor in. Any shoes that restrict you turning or twisting would not be ideal. Heels are fine if you feel you’re able to balance your weight whilst moving.

Absolutely. Private tuition is offered mainly in Hindhead, Surrey. Lessons are booked on an hourly basis and can be arranged at your convenience. Daytimes and evenings on weekdays are both available. Private tuition offers you the opportunity to specify which dance you want to learn and lessons progress at your own individual pace. These can be booked for individuals, couples and small groups of friends. Prices vary accordingly. It makes for a relaxed environment where each and every lesson is tailored just for you.
Whether you want new choreography, to improve your technique or just to recap what you’ve already learnt previously, it really is one of the best ways to learn!!!


Don’t ever feel nervous about booking your first ever lesson or attending your first class. Each and every dancer, including champions started there too!!!

It is always recommended to start with the basics, even if you are already a dancer that has experience in a different style. The more advanced group classes will include basic steps within the choreography but will not spend time teaching these in depth as they are covered in the beginners level. It means you’re always best to start with the basics but you may feel you can attend more than one level of class in the same day. Many at Kylie Jones ballroom attend two classes, such as, the beginners and intermediate or intermediate and advanced.

In the group classes we cover one dance each month. Each month usually consists of four sessions. In this time you will learn a combination of steps that will give you everything you need to float around the floor with ease. By the end of the month you will have the knowledge to perform the specified dance with a partner. Some people feel after they’ve learnt the waltz, for example, in the beginners class and with enough practise, that the next time we cover waltz they can join the intermediate. Others may feel they prefer to stay in the beginners to go over the steps again.


Private lessons, however, allow you to work at your very own pace. Naturally, some of us will learn quicker than others and with your very own lesson the rate at which you learn really is dictated by you.