Classroom Dance Tuition

Classroom Teaching
3 dancing couples during a Kylie Jones Ballroom classroom lesson

Classroom Teaching

Kylie at Kylie Jones Ballroom currently works within a number of schools and universities including GSA (Guilford School of Acting) RGS (Royal grammar School and GHS (Guilford High School). With the wealth of knowledge and experience behind her, Kylie Jones offer Ballroom classroom dance tuition to the staff, pupils, musical theatre and acting student.

The success of “Strictly Come Dancing” has brought the popularity and attention to so many and showcased the beauty of dance and its wonderful associated health benefits. Not only can dance help improve stamina and endurance but also better coordination and improved flexibility. These aspects alone are enough to get involved with Ballroom Dancing, but it has been shown to also promote communication, social skills, and confidence.

Current classes in schools are proving to be hugely popular and Kylie has incorporated mini competitions at the end of each term for the pupils to work towards. An exciting incentive to get groups together, involved and goaling towards a beautiful achievement.