Private tuition

Private tuition is a great way to improve your ballroom knowledge and skills by allowing you the time to focus on technique or a particular sequence at your own pace. These sessions are often used as a make-up for a missed class or if the person/couple would like to fine tune their dancing.

Private sessions are also very popular amongst groups planning birthday party celebrations, “flashmobs”, first dances – for the happy couple as well as other family members – and in preparation for cruise ship holidays.

To book a private session or to find out more please contact Kylie at Kylie Jones
on 07971 262428

“I have been dancing for 10 years, yet since starting private lessons with Kylie less than a year ago, others have commented on the vast improvement in my style and technique.”
– Lynn Toynton

“With her expert knowledge and demonstration, her patience and kindness, Kylie is the inspiration that I need as I study for my professional examination. For almost a year I have been receiving private lessons which I find a joy, as she works with detail and thoroughness and completely at the level of my needs. She is a great teacher!”
– Susan Newman

Please note Kylie politely asks that in the event of needing to cancel a lesson 48 hours notice is given. This is to allow the slot to be offered to another client. Cancelling in less than 48 hours will require the lesson to be paid for in full.