1. When are the group ballroom classes?

Currently the beginner class is at the below time
Thursdays 11.45am
Queen Elizabeth Park
Railton Road
Kylie is always happy to discuss running classes at different time and for other levels, if this class time or level does not suit you please get in touch.

2. Do I need to bring a partner?

No.  The classes are open to individuals and couples.  Couples have the option to stay together during the class if they prefer.  Individuals will be partnered up and rotated throughout the duration of the class.

3. Do I need to bring dance shoes?

No.  Anything you are comfortable wearing is fine as long as your shoes enable you to move around the floor easily.  The only shoes not recommended are trainers due to the restricted movement they can cause.

4. Do I have to start on the first Thursday of the month?

Ideally yes but it is not essential.  A new dance routine begins on the first week of the month and so it helps if you start from the beginning.  However, each weekly session begins with a quick recap on the steps covered in the previous class so this usually helps people catch up.

If there is a week you are unable to attend there is always the option of booking a private session to help you catch up.

5. What happens if I miss more than one week?

If you are concerned that you will be missing two or three sessions out of the month but are still keen to learn the dance that is being taught then a private lesson can be arranged by contacting Kylie directly on 07971 262 428.

6. How do we remember all the routines?

Each week there is a social dance practise.  This enables you to practise dances covered in the previous months and keep on top of the routines.  Every month there is also the option to spend time reviewing past routines so that you don’t forget them.