Class levels


Ideal for those who are completely new to Ballroom dancing.

New dances are introduced on the first Thursday of each month so as a beginner this is the best time to join. Within the course of a month, beginners can expect to develop a good understanding of the rhythm of a dance, how the beats are counted and the basic footwork to a Bronze medal standard.

At the end of one month you should feel confident enough to perform the routine on a holiday cruise ship, socially at future dancing events or to impress that special someone!

There are 8 beginner level dances to learn and most people find that they complete these in approximately a year. You then have the option to move onto Improver level sessions or some people prefer to remain in the beginner classes and recap past dances.

Singles, groups of friends and couples are all welcome.

Beginners 11.45-12.30

Class costs £9pp for one class or £10pp for the class and social together.


Improver level classes are aimed at those who have completed all 8 beginner level dances and are now keen to know more.

At Improver level you can expect to cover slightly more challenging steps and sequences, up to and including a Silver medal standard.

Ballroom dances will cover combinations of steps allowing you to move around the floor more confidently and with a better awareness of the space and direction.
Latin dances at this level will contain faster moves and more complex turns.


Ballroom dancing experience and an understanding of all basic moves is recommended for this level.

At Gold medal standard, the choreography and the timing covered at this level is much more challenging. Partners’ steps can often be quite different requiring a stronger lead from the man and much more awareness from the lady. In Latin dances more demanding solo moves are covered.

Ballroom dance classes are a great way to learn a new skill whilst keeping fit, meeting new people and socialising with friends.

At Kylie Jones Ballroom classes run weekly (term time only) but Kylie will begin teaching a new dance on the first Thursday of every month, alternating between Ballroom and Latin American style. If you are new to the group and would like to join, this is the best time to start!

Classes currently take place on a Thursday daytime at the below address
Queen Elizabeth Park
Railton Road

Beginners 11.45-12.30
Improvers 12.30-1.15
Social practise 1.15-1.45
Advanced 1.45-2.30pm

“Super class with a great teacher. Started in our 60s with Kylie for a special occasion where we needed to dance. Have had both group and private lessons. She is the most patient teacher ever. The classes are good fun and we have kept going after the event. If you are remotely interested give it a go.”

“Enjoyable ballroom dancing. We find Kylie to be a very good dance teacher and she creates a very friendly atmosphere to her classes. The daytime classes are very convenient for us retirees and a chance for us to enjoy an activity together. We always look forward to our Thursdays.”